The Riedel Room at the Greil in Tyrol

The first and only one in europe!

After a long cooperation between Sepp Greil and Riedel the wine glass company from Kufstein – is the project with the first and only RIEDEL ROOM in Europe the highlight of it. Other RIEDEL ROOMs you will find in Hongkong, Bangkok and Tokio, and know in Söll next to the mountain Wilder Kaiser in Tyrol.

Here at the Greil, we have over 1000 glasses for 18 different sorts of wine as well as 40 original Riedel decanters ensuring the best possible taste sensations for you. The favourable conditions and climate of the Terroir together with the art of the wine grower don’t really come to the fore until the wine is served in the correct type of glass, allowing it to blossom to the full; that is our aim here and the reason why we have our treature trove of Riedel glasses.



... a tyrolian craft product

Riedel glasses are a famous craft product from Tyrol, handmade by glassblowers in Kufstein.

This is not just the case with wine glasses. Beer drinkers for example can also enjoy a beer taste as never before experienced when drinking from a special Riedel glass created specifically for enjoying beer. What’s more, this glass has also been decorated with Swarovski gemstones.

Even a cola from the correct Riedel glass tastes completely new and different. Inspired by the classic curves of the original Coca-Cola bottle, the glass was designed by experts in the branch and Coca-Cola lovers. A unique glass for a taste you would get from no other.

To show the extent of our passion for the right “tool”, we have even set up our very own RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL.

Listof unusual, rare wines

Perfect wine, if there is such a thing, must first of all mature to reach its full potential. It is with this in mind that we offer you and other wine connoisseurs own wine list with unusual, rare wines that we have put together for the RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL


Glass, pleasure, Riedel

Every wine needs to be served in the correct glass, and Sepp Greil believes there is only one choice for this: blown Riedel glasses from neighbouring Kufstein. The new RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL represents a collaboration between the wine evangelist Sepp Greil and the producers, enhancing different grape varieties using appropriate wine glasses. Maximilian J. Riedel said this about our unique room: “wine lovers will find here the widest selection of our glasses in the world!”.


And how much are our glasses worth that serve the enjoyment of wine: over €70,000. The RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL is living proof of Sepp Greil’s commitment to perfect wine pleasure. “I simply can’t imagine enjoying a good wine in any glass other than a Riedel glass specially made, or rather blown, for the specific variety of grape.” He goes on to say: wine drunk from any mass production glass means you only really getting maybe 60% of the full enjoyment that you could get if you were to drink the same wine from a quality, appropriate wineglass.”

Tastings, seminars, exclusive celebrations

The new RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL offers the perfect ambience for all sorts of events. Of course, the ambience is simply ideal for wine lovers to enjoy tastings; delicious wines are accompanied by the relevant “hardware” that enables wine to really reveal what it has in its soul.

The RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL with its exclusive atmosphere and its  “Chef’s Table” makes meetings, workshops, and presentations truly unforgettable experiences. Perfect also of course to raise a glass after the work is complete and celebrate success with a delicious dinner.

The RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL is also the perfect place for private functions that require an extraordinary location. Cosy, refined, unique, and coupled with heartfelt service offered by the team at the Greil and the recognised expertise of the hotel in its food and drink. Friends and family will feel appreciated and that they have been treated to something really special.

Business not as usual

Tutorials, workshops, meetings

When big ideas are sought and plans forged within a small circle. When creativity should be inspired by the atmosphere of a special space. When entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers aim for new horizons. Or seminars look to appeal to an elite, small group. It is then that RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL is an ideal environment for business not as usual. The setting: sincerely sincere – and hospitable, unobtrusive but there when you need it. The room: providing top-notch conference technology, and a focused atmosphere. The birthplace of great successes. And should anyone wish to sleep on matters: Welcome to Hotel Greil.


  • creative atmosphere
  • table area 2,4 m x 1,3 m
  • Big-screen television with wireless Internet
  • ClipShare and sound system
  • Video conferencing capability
  • high-speed WiFi connection
  • variable lighting design

All Inclusive Greil Service


  • Professional welcomes and send-offs
  • beverage service
  • fruit
  • brain food
  • all-day catering

Celebrate whenever the occasion allows

The colorful life

One thing simply isn’t allowed at a party: half-heartedness. Parties are either enjoyed or forgotten. Which is why RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL lends itself perfectly to big celebrations in a small setting. A milestone birthday bringing loved-ones together for a Champagne dinner? A company anniversary with important business associates that becomes particularly agreeable over a Dom Perignon menu? A wedding in a circle of your closest friends, refined by a surprise menu with companion wines? Only for stag parties might we be inclined to recommend a different room. And because a special occasion isn’t the only reason to celebrate with gusto … any good day becomes a splendid day, when you invite good friends to join you in browsing our veritable garden of wine labels, where you are certain to chance upon something extraordinary. Diners are also more than willing to take advantage of our “bring your own wine” offer. So as to savor their favorite vintage in a befitting setting such as this. Celebrations in the RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL are unforgettable ... a fact ensured by Sepp Greil and his people.



No - Greils Chef's-Table

Celebrations with a personal touch – Sepp Greil, adding his own witty accompaniment to a whole evening of cultivated pleasures, will see to it that the gourmet dinner is served to perfection and will present perfect wines … and naturally, all wines poured into a glass matched to the grape. He is the boss after all, and there’s none better …

Pretty Caucasian woman blowing confetti at party.


Room rental for half a day


max. 10 people

€ 180,-

Room rental for the whole day

max. 10 people

€ 290,-
  • Inclusive: seasonal fruti, nuts, seminar equipment, all-day catering | Exclusive: drinks

At noon snack in mothers kitchen

Dinner-Menu 6-course with a choice of 4 main dishes

Chef's Table 5-course menu with a wine accompaniment 

Champagner Dinner 4-couse menu with a champagner accompaniment

auf Anfrage


Always follow your nose

Inclusive surprise moments

Comparison lends clarity: Wine out of just any glass and wine from a Riedel glass tailored to the grape is so strikingly different to the nose, tongue and palate, that you might well imagine you are tasting two different wines. Lots of people run wine tasting sessions, but to experience tasting with the correct glass for specific varieties of grapes, you need to come to us in Tyrol. In offering these sessions, we want to show you what is possible with the Riedel blown Sommelier Series glasses, matched to suit specific varieties of grape. The world of wines will open up in a new way to you. As mentioned, a 100% top wine poured in an average glass only releases a maximum of 50-60% of its potential taste experience. With Riedel Sommelier glasses, you get the full 100%.

Winelover Sepp will introduce you a little to this unique glass culture. You will be amazed!


  • Space for min. 4 and max. 10 table maps for tastings
  • 18 different wine glasses from the Riedel Sommeliers line
  • 40 different Riedel decanters
  • 1,000 glasses
  • Exclusive lists for sparkling wines and wine rarities
  • CORAVIN wine system incl. capsules
  • Blind-tasting glasses and sleeves


off € 75,- per person (depens on the wine and sparkling wine)

off € 110,- per person (with champagne)

Minimum no. of participants

min. 4 persons - max. 10 persons

RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL exclusive rental

“Talking brings people together”. The RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL is available for exclusive rental, and we will happily give you more information personally.

Contact person: Sepp Greil 
Telephone number: +43 5333 5289
VIP-Riedel number: +43 664 26 12 610

Design in the Riedel Room

Providing an incomparable

 ... distinctive foundation for exceptional enjoyment.

A blissful place, indeed, for people with educated palates. For connoisseurs who delight in abandoning themselves to extraordinary enjoyment. And those who love the stories that accompany famous labels and glasses. When new nuances blossom on the taste buds, when wines and their loving, variety-appropriate presentation take center stage, and the outside world is forgotten ... this is RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL.

Pleasure in theRIEDEL ROOM@GREIL has firm foundations that support the close link with the fine glass manufacturer from Kufstein. The wood used for the floorboards comes directly from the Riedel glass workshops. It has burn marks on it that came about when liquid glass dripped onto the floor.

Who needs a traditional chandelier when you can hang decanters from the ceiling? The chandelier was specially designed and built for the RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL, making the wine taste even better…

Sommelier series Riedel glasses

Professor CLAUS J. RIEDEL was the first glass designer to realise that the bouquet, taste, balance, and finish of a wine are influenced by the shape of the glass from which it is drunk. Over 50 years ago, he began his pioneering work in developing glasses to match specific wines and spirits. In the late 1950s Riedel began to produce glasses which at the time were a design revolution. Thinly blown, and reduced to their simple elements: bowl, stem, base. Riedel established, in collaboration with experienced tasters, that wines from his glasses displayed more depth and a better balance. CLAUS J. Riedel laid the foundation for functional and beautiful stemmed glasses. The Riedel Sommelier series in 1973 received worldwide recognition, and ever since that time, the world of wine has changed fundamentally. Today it is the wine glass standard, and the most successful hand made glass series in the world.

“Each glass is individually made: the upper parts are blown into shape, the stem and base are made by hand using manufacturing methods that were developed around the time of Christ’s birth.” – quote from the Riedel company.

Riedel decanters

Young wines need air, older wines should be released from their storeroom, so each wine at the Greil is decantered. We have 40 original Riedel decanters available to us in the hotel.

It wouldn’t be Sepp Greil if there were no hotel’s own decanter available. Maximilian Riedel was personally present when the Greil decanter was blown and Sepp’s logo stamp was pressed into the hot glass. “A moving moment”, says Sepp Greil.


“For perfect enjoyment of wine at home, get hold of a Greil Decanter, only for € 125,-.“


Elton John Aids Foundation Decanter

Sepp Greil – wine connoisseur and philanthropist As one of the few owners of all 4 decanters for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Sepp Greil counts among the world’s biggest patrons of this initiative.

Riedel’s successful collaboration with the Elton John AIDS Foundation began in 2017, when it launched its first specially created decanter, and was concluded in 2020. The distinctive features of this decanter collection are the special sizes and eye-catching rainbow colours.

As a wine connoisseur and fan of Riedel’s functional wine glasses, Sepp Greil went out of his way to get hold of the highly sought-after limited collector’s pieces every year. He is now the proud owner of all four decanters of this exclusive Rainbow collection.

Link to our articel (germany) 

PS: Since 2017 Riedel has donated a total of € 110,000.00 to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. These stunning collector’s pieces are on display in Sepp Greil’s RIEDEL ROOM@GREIL.


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