Small and fine in Tyrol – “Dahoam” at the Greil

So, are you paying attention? Some details about us:

30 rooms, a charming, genuine greeting, a family-run hotel in which the manager himself isn’t just behind the business, but also stands for the business, something that applies to his long-standing staff too. A small, fine hotel in Tyrol that doesn’t regard its guests as unknown people, but rather as social beings with names and stories to tell who acknowledge rather than ignore each other in the restaurant in the evenings.

If you like the sound of that, then read on…


“When it comes to pleasure, we don’t cut any corners”


Smallis beautiful

Your small and fine hotel in tirol

This describes us in a nutshell: a small, family-run business in Söll, at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range. We have consciously made the decision to offer class rather than provide for a huge number of people. We have decided to stay the size we are rather than to grow and extend, and in doing so continue to do what we do, but always improve.
We are well known for our excellent cuisine, and for our collection of over 1000 Riedel glasses that is unique in the world, and over 40 Riedel decanters, as well as our knowledge about choosing the right glass and the right drink.
Our guests like us because we talk personally rather than formally, and because we don’t just write about individualised quality, but are experts at it because where we are is an ideal base for mountain sports of all kinds both in summer and in winter, and because our small but fine wellness, rest, and outdoor areas are simply fantastic for resting and relaxing.


We offer a high quality of service.
We appreciate high-quality products.
We make a clear distinction.
We know how to make you happy.

We are your small, fine gourmet hotel in Tyrol in the Wilder Kaiser region.

Mama’s Kitchen

Small & fine

Look forward to a somewhat different concept of breakfast when staying with us. You won’t find an incredibly long breakfast buffet bar, but you will find lovely items here that are super-fresh, appetising, and right where they belong: in Mama's kitchen. Mueslis and fruit juices that still contain all their vitamins. Coffee is served á-la-carte. Help yourself. That’s how the day should begin. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to smell the aroma of freshly baked Apfelstrudel from Mama’s kitchen. Tyrolean afternoon snacks, soupe or warm dishes. Sometimes there is something hidden in the oven. Simply help yourself!

The “Kaminstubn”

with a romantic, crackling open fire

Inner cosiness – it’s hard to describe our “Kaminstubn” in any other way when you come in from outside and see the fire crackling away in front of you. The Kaminstubn is also home to the “Stammtisch” table. Take a seat! The bar entices guests with its noble liqueurs and fine wines, and has practically everything to warm a person’s heart. You can even have something to eat here. We have made sure that you can expect the same, perfect standard of comfort everywhere. Simply take a seat and relax. A restaurant with an open fire is always something that will make you feel incredibly at peace.

Stubn Dorfblick

down to earth and simply great

The Stubn Dorfblick perfectly rounds off our small and fine restaurant concept. The solid wood and Tyrolean loden cloth on the benches give it a homely atmosphere. There is lots of room for relaxed dining with plenty of elbow room, although you are of course welcome to squash up and cuddle up together if you like. You have a view of the village, of the Greil wine cupboards, the Riedel decanters, and life is just wonderful.

Stubn Gartenblick

calm glasses

The combination of tradition and modern art. Appreciation for the history and development. Old wood, leather and glass and a lot of room for enjoyment. A view into the garden, into the green or to the RiedelRoom with its treasure of glasses. In the Stubn Gartenblick you also find the limited Riedel Elten John Aids foundation decanters.

Champagner Lounge

sunny, prickling

Sitting in the afternoon sun, enjoying the breathtaking view of Wilder Kaiser with a glass of excelent champagne – a unique moment.

Romantic pleasure garden

Full of pleasure, delightful …

Our romantic pleasure garden is accessed directly from the Stubn Gartenblick and is a beautifully maintained garden, perfect for a fine evening meal, breakfast, coffee, snack, barbecue.. In fact, in good weather there is so much you can enjoy here in the lovely fresh air, and of course everything so finely taken care of. According to availability, you can find your own spot in the shade or in the sun.



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