Der Greil – Gourmet hotel in Tyrol

What does gourmet mean?

A gourmet is defined as a connoisseur, an expert in fine food and drink. It is exactly these standards that we are trying to achieve, as best we can. As a small but fine gourmet temple by the Wilder Kaiser, it is our aim to make your personal gourmet holiday the finest it could possibly be. In other words, a fine time for a fine conoisseur. But, we don’t over exaggerate this or put on a façade, we do it in an honest, genuine way that is environmentally friendly and with plenty of Tyrolean heart.

We are the small, fine venue for gourmets. We also know that food and drink holds together body and soul, and this is why our food is of such an excellent standard. But, more important than any specific award, the best reward for our kitchen-team is always the blissful smile of the connoisseurs amongst our guests as they delight in the taste of their creations.

Our kitchen-team has been delighting discerning guests such as yourself at the Greil with their wonderful taste sensations. Although with deep roots in the culinary tradition of our homeland, Tyrol, they are always open to new aromatic ideas from anywhere. “If it works and tastes good, then it will find its way onto the plate. And if not, then it won’t get that far!”

Discoverthe taste of Tyrol

Excellent gourmet holidays, but also honest, genuine, and steeped in nature, with plenty of Tyrolean lifeblood and using regional and seasonal ingredients. As far as we can, we purchase solely from farmers and producers from the region, and on occasion we share our secret culinary tips with international star cooks who are always most enthusiastic about what fantastic produce Tyrol has to offer. Our kitchen-team buys the ingredients thereself. They knows every local producer, and ensures that the same high quality is retained in the cuisine here.

“GREIL” quality guarantee

The Greil’s gourmet world is totally dedicated to your health and pleasure, with only the best quality produce and ingredients being served on your plate. This is why each year we seek out our suppliers personally and place great importance on our partners of many years with whom we have nurtured a close collaboration. In this way, nothing is hidden: we’ve visited the companies, we look behind-the-scenes, and view the preparation processes. When it comes to high quality ingredients, the last thing we look at is the price.


Perhaps you would like to see an extract from our menu?

Maybe he won’t have to wait too long until you have your next gourmet meal in front of you here “dahoam” at the Greil in Tyrol. We would be delighted, as would your palate!


Each morning you are welcome to take a look at our menu and look forward to your dinner served from 18:45. You have the choice between 4 main dishes, 2 meat dishes, fish or vegetarian. If you happen to have any allergies or special dietary requests, then simply let us know. Our kitchen team gladly endeavours to please every connoisseur.

Greil's gourmet menu (PDF)

Gourmet menus for children

Pizza, chips, and sausages serve a purpose, but here we also serve gourmet meals to our younger guests. Anyone wanting to know exactly how things are cooked can come and see the team in the kitchen and take a look into the pots. Of course this doesn’t just apply to our young guests!


Tip from our kitchen-team: Let your children get used to quality and pleasure in dining. That is why he takes so much trouble to prepare gourmet menus for the children too at the Greil.

We also cater for the even younger ones as well. We will happily warm up bottles of milk, baby food, and anything else that happens to make your youngest happy.

Greil's children's menu (PDF)

Star chefs at the Greil

Famous celebrities such as the TV celebrity chef Mike Süsser, barbecue champion in the discipline of “pork shoulder”, Gerald Hochgatterer ,and the world champion confectioner Eveline Wild, well-known through the ORF Channel, have wielded kitchen implements here at the Greil, flambéing the meat and rolling out the chocolate.

Cooking events at the Greil

Winter barbecue with barbecue expert Gerald Hochgatterer

World champion barbecue expert in the discipline of “pork shoulder” and natural born kitchen guy Gerald Hochgatterer and his “green eggs” don’t know the meaning of a break when it ocmes to barbecuing. They barbecue all through the year, and that’s how it should be.


November 2017 – 100 P.P. Wine event with winter barbecue

After a year and a half of planning, the time finally came in autumn 2017 for the 100 P.P. Wine-Event at the Greil. 38 wines, all awarded 100 Parker points, were tasted by friends of the hotel, guests, and celebrities. Without a doubt this extensive tasting session certainly did some good for the general well-being and at the centre were the world champion barbecue expert Gerald Hochgatterer and TV star chef Mike Süsser. At the same time, the Greil had building works going on. No kitchen, no problem! The barbecue took place outside with the fabulous backdrop of the Wilder Kaiser. On 3 “Green Eggs” at an outside temperature of 0°C a 5-course meal was conjured up. Vitello Tonnato, king prawns, lightly smoked duck breast, and unforgettable steaks. Excellent cuisine, as you would expect at the Greil.

Gourmet days with TV star chef Mike Süsser

We have often had the privilege of TV chef Mike Süsser, famous from the TV series “Kochduell” on the channel Kabel 1, visiting and casting an eye over the kitchen. With years of experience in a range of award-winning restaurants all over the world, he was chosen in 2014 as one of the top 20 chefs in Austria. Books such as  “Aufgegabelt” or “Das 1x1 des Kochens – unsere Kochschule” are real hits amongst all gourmets. To meet Mike Süsser live is an absolute pleasure for anyone who knows and loves their food.


September 2017 – “Sepp Greil’s 20 years anniversary menu“

What better way of celebrating a 20 year anniversary than an own menu of favourite dishes? Fish fingers, poached eggs, and cordon bleu were high up on Sepp’s list. Mike Süsser took on the special challenge without hesitation, although it has to be said that we did allow him to prepare these without time pressure and to match today’s tastes in their presentation. So, what he created was a rolled cordon bleu, a split “Krapfen” with boletus mushrooms, or sheatfish fish fingers with honey-cucumber remoulade. The absolute highlight for the guests though was the poached egg with spinach and fresh truffle.

June 2016 – Chef challenge “Tyrol versus the rest of the world”

Under the motto “fine Tyrolean products versus the rest of the world”, Mike Süsser and the Greil kitchen team cooked a double 9-course menu: once using local produce from Tyrol, and the second time with fine produce from all over the world. To accompany it, national and international wines were served to the guests.

The 48 tasters and jury were friends of the hotel, guests, and company representatives from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. After each course, the dishes were analysed and it was noted which one tasted the best. It didn’t matter whether it was caviar, trout, venison, or loin ham, Tyrol came out the winner. Final results: 1652:1384 points. Victory for Tyrol.

Baking workshop with the world champion pastry chef Eveline Wild

The chocolate expert and confectioner Eveline Wild, well-known from the ORF2 cooking series “frisch-gekocht” won the gold medal in 2001 in the »World Skills« championship in Seoul, South Korea. During the baking workshop, she told us a few of her tips, tricks, and secrets.


March 2015 – Learn from the best and start to create

Sepp Greil staged a baking workshop of a very special kind for his kitchen team. An investment in the know-how and motivation of the young cooks on the one hand, but also the fulfilment of a long held wish of the staff. Together with Eveline Wild, small cakes, tartlets, and traditional dishes such as Kaiserschmarren were newly interpreted and baked. It wasn’t just the guests were enthusiastic about the creations, the kitchen team are still reaping the benefits now.


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