Ski hotel in the Wilder Kaiser region

Ski bus direct to the ski lift

All the fun of winter without any hassle of the details; the winter magic service offered by the Greil leaves you free to enjoy winter to its full. The public ski bus take you from the hotel door to the lift and back. The bus takes you right to the Hochsöll-Hohe Salve bottom lift station, part of the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental ski area.


What time does the ski bus leave from the hotel, and what time does come back?


Departure times:

8.12 | 8.25 | 8.45 | 9.18 | 9.25 | 9.45 | 9.51 | 10.05 | 10.24 | 10.25 | 10.57

Return times:

12.30 | 13.00 | 13.30 | 14.00 | 15.00 | 15.30 | 16.00 | 16.15 | 16.30 | 16.45

The Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental

What a ski area! 284 km of perfectly prepared blue, red, and black pistes with plenty to suit every level of ability. There are 9 picturesque ski resorts with fantastic Alpine views taking in over 17 mountains peaks above 3000 m. Look forward to Austria’s largest night skiing area, fun parks and lit toboggan runs; with over 80% of the pistes covered by snow making facilities, there is nothing to stand in the way of your skiing pleasure.


If you fancy the chance of seeing for yourself how elegant your turns are, or if you like the idea of pitting yourself against the ski stars on a timed race, there are 3 ski movie slopes to record you, and in the evening you can view your runs online. 3 timed slopes will show how fast you are, or how fast your skis are! With all this on offer, it comes as no surprise that the ski area Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental has been voted by users of a large Internet platform as being the best international ski area.


However, if you still want to try out another ski area, there are numerous possibilities available to you. In the immediate vicinity for example, you have Kitzbühel, with its famous Hahnenkamm, Streif, and Mausefalle. From there, you can start out on a ski safari, making your turns all the way to Pass Thurn.

Type of ticketHigh season 2021|2022
18.12.2021 – 18.03.2022
Day pass€ 57,-€ 43,-€ 28,50
2-day pass€ 112,50€ 84,50

€ 56,50

6-day pass€ 288,-€ 216,-€ 144,-
Type of ticketLow season 2021|2022
08.12.2021 - 17.12.2021 | 19.03.2022 - 03.04.2022
Day pass€ 51,50€ 38,50€ 26,-
2-day pass€ 95,50€ 71,50€ 48,-
6-day pass€ 245,-€ 184,-€ 122,50

**Anyone born between 2006 and 2015 qualifies for the child price. Children born 2016 or later get their pass for free.
*Those born in 2003-2005 qualify for the youth tariff.




Kitzbühel Super Ski Card

With this ski pass, you can perfect your turns from Söll to Kitzbühel, with over 2750 km of pistes, over 900 lifts, 3 glaciers, and 25 ski regions in 6 provinces.

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Wilder Kaiser Brixental lift passes

There is no need for you to stand in a queue at the lift pass offices - you can get your pass from reception at your ski hotel at the Wilder Kaiser. If you would like to find out about the lift pass prices before your stay, here is an overview of them.


Ski pass prices 2021| 2022

Type of ticket

High season
18.12.2021 – 18.03.2022

Day pass

€ 57,-

€ 43,€ 28,50
2-day pass€ 112,50€ 84,50€ 56,50
3-day pass€ 164,-€ 123,-€ 82,-
4-day pass€ 211,-€ 158,50€ 105,50
5-day pass€ 253,50€ 190,-€ 127,-
6-day pass€ 288,-€ 216,-€ 144,-
12:00 pass€ 45,50€ 34,-€ 23,-
13:00 pass€ 38,50€ 29,-€ 19,50
14:00 pass€ 30,50€ 23,-€ 15,50
Type of ticket

Low season
08.12.2021 - 17.12.2021 | 19.03.2022 - 03.04.2022

Day pass€ 51,50€ 38,50€ 26,-
2-day pass€ 95,50€ 71,50€ 48,-
3-day pass€ 139,50€ 104,50€ 70,-
4-day pass€ 179,50€ 134,50€ 90,-
5-day pass€ 215,50€ 161,50€ 108,-
6-day pass€ 245,-€ 184,-€ 122,50
12:00 pass

€ 41,-

€ 31,-€ 20,50
13:00 pass€ 34,50€ 26,-€ 17,50
14:00 pass€ 27,50€ 20,50€ 14,-
  • **Anyone born between 2006 and 2015 qualifies for the child price. Children born 2016 or later get their pass for free.
  • *Those born in 2003-2005 qualify for the youth tariff.
  • Child and youth passes are only issued on production of a form of photographic identification.
  • All lift passes are personalised and non-transferable. Passing a lift pass on or selling it to others is forbidden!
  • The SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental area uses a wireless, non-contact lift pass system
  • All prices quoted include a €2 deposit for the reusable key card.
  • Prices quoted are in Euros. We accept no liability for price changes or errors in the prices quoted!

Ski resorts covered: Ellmau, Going, Scheffau, Söll, Brixen im Tale, Westendorf, Hopfgarten, Kelchsau and Itter. For more information about the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental, click here:

Ski hire in Söll am Wilder Kaiser

If you don’t want to bring your own skis, or would prefer to hire some, or perhaps don’t have any of your own, then we recommend 2 good ski hire shops in the Wilder Kaiser region that offer fantastic service:


Skiverleih SeislHochsöll | Midstation

Edinger –Sport and Service Station

Sport Edinger

Ski schools and ski courses in the Wilder Kaiser Brixental region

There are plenty of ski and snowboard experts in the Wilder Kaiser Brixental region. For beginners to winter sports, you have the perfect ski school partner in Söll, where expert, experienced ski instructors can help you learn your first turns or hone your style. The ski schools also offer special children’s ski courses so the little ones can have as much fun in their skiing too. To enable them to get to grips with snow sports easily, there are perfect practice slopes and lifts giving limitless skiing pleasure.


Skischule Snowboard Söll | Hochsöll Embacher

Skischule Söll

TIP:  Perfect for looking after the little ones as they learn how to ski.

Skischule Mountainmind Söll

Mountainmind Tirol

TIP:  Perfect for private lessons or ski courses in small groups in the Wilder Kaiser region.

Night skiing in the Wilder Kaiser region

Skiwelt Söll – Austria’s largest night skiing area

In winter, the Wilder Kaiser ski area is a true white arena. As the sun sets, the piste bashers take up their starting positions to prepare the pistes for the night skiers. Every Wednesday through to Saturday, there are a total of 10 km of lit pistes available.

Piste fun right through to the late evening, with the slope into the valley lit until 22:30. Once you arrive in the valley, it’s then not very far to the après ski and to your ski hotel by the Wilder Kaiser.

May we introduce you to our wonderful night skiing piste stars?

  • 10 seater gondola lift “Hans im Glück”
  • 8 seater gondola Hochsöll
  • 6 seater chairlift Hexen6er
  • 1 lit Funarena – “Hans im Glück” ski course

Night skiing prices 2020| 2021

Type of tariff 2020| 2021AdultYouthChild

Single trip day or night

€ 15,€ 11,-€ 7,50

Evening skiing ticket

€ 28,50€ 21,-€ 14,-

Opening times

  • Wednesday through to Saturday
  • Hochsöll, Hexen6er, Hans im Glück: 18.30 - 21.45
  • Valley descent 19.00 - 22.30

Tobogganing in the Wilder Kaiser region

The Wilder Kaiser region is well known for having the most natural and best-maintained toboggan runs and has become popular as a meeting point for tobogganers. With more than 12 km of tobogganing over 4 family-friendly runs, the toboggan runners really get some good use.


The best toboggan runs in the Wilder Kaiser region:


For sporty guests – ASTBERG toboggan run, GOING:

  • Length: 4,5 km
  • Öpening times: daily from 08.30 bis 16.00
  • Evening opening times: Every Wednesday to Saturday from 18.30 to 21.30
  • Lit: Valley descent/toboggan run until midnight
Type of tariff 2020| 2021AdultYouth
year of birth 2001-2003
year of birth 2004-2013
Single trip€ 15,-€ 11,-€ 8,-
Day pass€ 29,50€ 24,-€ 19,-

am until 13.00

pm from 12.00

€ 22,-€ 17,50€ 13,50
Evening - Single trip€ 15,-€ 11,-€ 8,-
Evening ticket€ 22,50€ 17,50€ 13,-


For families - HEXENRITT toboggan run, SÖLL

  • Length 3,8 km
  • Opening times: daily from 08.00 until 17.00
  • Evening opening times: Every Wednesday to Saturday from 18.30 to 21.30
  • Lit: Toboggan run until 01.00
Type of tariff 2020| 2021AdultYouth
year of birth 2002-2004
year of birth 2005-2014
Söll-Hochsöll gondola
Toboggan run start - single run
€ 14,-€ 10,50€ 7,50
Tobogganing day pass€ 26,-€ 19,50€ 13,-
Tobogganing day pass from 12.00€ 20,-€ 15,-€ 10-
Evening ticket€ 22,50€ 17,-€ 11,50


Après Ski

Wonderful pistes, perfect snow conditions, and gorgeous blue skies in the morning; sunny hours and culinary delights in the afternoon: the ski huts in the Wilder Kaiser region offer you perfect gourmet pleasure, complete with traditional mountain hut music, and live music to lift your spirits and entice you to dance. When it gets dark, après-ski in many places is nowhere near finished, it is just beginning! In the valley stations or in the resort centres there are plenty of après-ski bars for great party nights. There is always something going on in Söll am Wilder Kaiser.


Ski hut entertainment in March

From the 07.03.2020 – 29.03.2020, spring skiing in Austria’s largest ski area becomes ski partying, with live music at the huts, and live action on the pistes. The ski hut entertainment promises snow, music, and loads of fun.

During the day (from Monday to Friday from 09:00) you can explore the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental ski area on a free ski guiding tour. This doesn’t just end after your piste fun though. Your ski guides show you the nicest ski huts where you can dance to your heart’s content to the live music and cool sounds as the sun goes down. Guaranteed great atmosphere when you stop by for a drink.

TIP: Moonlightbar in Söll am Wilder Kaiser

The Moonlightbar is right at the end of the piste into the valley and the toboggan run in Söll. The bar and parties are some of the best in the après ski scene, you can’t get more of a party atmosphere than here.


The Moonlightbar is only open in the winter.

Öpening times

Monday, Tuesday and Sunday:    14.00 – 21.00
Wednesday and Thursday:            14.00 – 00.00
Friday and Saturday:      14.00 – 02.00

Stampfanger 22 A, 6306 Söll
Tel: 0043 664 4036006