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Refuel on energy and vitality in harmony with nature.

* VINOBLE basic treatment. All VINOBLE facial treatments have a basis that encompasses cleaning, skin analysis, peeling and cleansing as well as advice on the care of your particular type of skin.

VINOBLE Basic-Facial treatment – vitalising.

Visibly refresh and revitalise your skin! The basic treatment involves cleaning, skin analysis, and an enzyme peeling, as well as a facial mask suitable for the needs of your skin. Not including cleansing.

Duration 15 min EUR 62,–
With cleansing, 80 minutes EUR 82,–

VINOBLE Sauvignon-Facial treatment – radiant.

The facial mask that can do both things: tighten up and relax. After the foundation treatment*, your skin receives a valuable mask made from grape seed flour, medicinal clay, and a magic moisturising elixir. This exclusive combination of active ingredients encourages circulation and promotes the healing process. The integrated eye treatment means that your eyes will also become radiant again.

Duration: 80 min, EUR 98,- including a glass of sauvignon blanc from our wine cellar

VINOBLE VINO-Facial treatment

This anti-ageing beauty treatment gives you the feeling of slipping into a new skin. Cell regeneration is stimulated and natural, high concentration active ingredients are deeply absorbed into your skin using a peel-off mask (cooling). In this way, your skin can absorb much more moisture and gains in its suppleness, vitality, and elasticity. The effects of this treatment are immediately visible.

Duration: 80 min EUR 118,-

VINOBLE Eye treatment – visible.

Give your eyes a treat! The eye treatment begins with a special massage technique that totally relaxes and refreshes your troubled and hard-working eyes. The effective eye lift ampoule has a smoothing effect and simply rubs out wrinkles. To finish off, and intensive care eye mask provides calming active ingredients and helps your eyes be radiant once again.

This can be combined very well with a facial treatment.

Duration: 30 min, price: EUR 35,-

VINOBLE Pure lifting

Pure lifting is a short and effective treatment. Intensive infiltration of the HyaFill ampoule (2 phase hyaluron) provides immediate tightening.
Your skin will gleam.

Duration: 30 min, EUR 47,-
3 sessions EUR 130,-


VINOBLE grape seed oil sea salt peeling

A releasing peeling treatment made from grape seed oil and sea salt. Thanks to the cleansed skin surface, the precious grape seed oil can be better absorbed by the skin. Your whole body is treated and re-vitalised using high-quality, unsaturated fatty acids from cold pressed grape seed oil.

Duration: 25 min, EUR 35,-

VINOBLE Grape seed oil pack and massage

Intensely moisturising body pack that improves the appearance and the elasticity of your skin. Pack and beneficial relaxation.

Massage duration 50 min EUR 65,-


Invigorating full body massage followed by a salt-grape seed peeling, relaxing the muscles and removing dead skin cells, leaving you with perfectly cared-for, soft skin, andgiving the body a sense of harmony.

Duration: 80 min, Price: EUR 85,–


VINOBLE Men- Basic facial treatment

Facial treatment designed for the care needs of men.

Duration: 50 min, EUR 59,-
Duration with cleansing: 80 min EUR 79,-

VINOBLE Men Sauvignon - Facial treatment

Cleansing facial treatment to suit your type of skin. A calming and tightening facial mask from medicinal clay and grape seeds pampers your skin in a special way.

Duration: 80 min, EUR 89,- including a glass of sauvignon blanc from our wine cellar

VINOBLE Men VINO- Facial treatment

Vitalising, anti-ageing treatment for men. The highly effective face and eye ampoules and a caring vino-peel-off mask combined to form an effective treatment that is an unforgettable, and visible experience.

Duration: 80 min, EUR 114,-