Sepp Greil with Karina and Viktoria
The Greil Family

Your hosts

We, that is the Greil family and our team of longstanding staff, bid you a very warm welcome to the Wilder Kaiser Hotel in Söll in the Alps. Family to us means more than simply being related. Family for us also means a place where you can find yourself, find peace, and relax. Spend the most beautiful time of the year with us, as we take time for you in the Hotel Wilder Kaiser in Söll.

As soon as you arrive, you will find peace and feel relaxed: we look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Wilder Kaiser in the Alps. You will notice in the Hotel Greil in Söll that we have more time than you think, and time is such an important commodity. Time here has a special quality, precious, and filled with the most beautiful holiday moments. You experience your time with us in the Alps more intensely, because here time is determined by the rhythm of nature. In the valleys just as much as up on the alpine pastures, and further up in the mountains.