You can expect an excellent wine culture in the Hotel Greil.

The perfect glass for every quality wine is something that the manager and wine connoisseur SeppGreil makes sure of. If you are appreciate good wine then you will love it here at the Hotel Greil. The wine culture in the hotel is very much alive and it is important that a suitable wine is selected to accompany the different meals, completing the whole package.

Riedel's Sommeliers Series

The high quality wine is, as is rightly the case in wine culture, served in glasses of a fine quality, from the firm Riedel. The company manufacture a special series for sommeliers, fundamentally changing the world of wine, developing into a comprehensive “Vitrum-Vino-Thek”. It is the sommelier’s standard, and the most successful hand made glass producer in the world. Every glass is individually manufactured, the tops blown, and the stem and base formed by hand using methods that can be traced back to times before Christ (Quote from the Riedel Company).

The finest wines are served in the finest glasses in the Hotel Greil; each wine in an appropriate glass, as this is the only way that the full taste can be appreciated.

Fine wines selected by Sepp Greil
Glasses from Riedels' Someliers Series

New & unique for wine connoisseurs

The first wine glass book

For the first time you can experience the new wine glass book in our 4 star hotel in Tryrol. In this special wine glass menu you will find the description of the perfect glass corresponding to the ordered wine . It depends on the ordered wine in which glass it will be served - so each grape gets the right glass for the aroma of the wine to develop perfectly. Thus, the characteristic of the wine is the focus. Following the slogan "each grape variety gets the ideal glass" our guests can expect a wine experience at the highest level.

Wine Glass Book (PDF in German, 1.6 MB)

Sparkling Wine Book (PDF in German, 1.8 MB)


Glass-wine-tasting using the sommelier glass series from Riedel.

Here at the Hotel Greil we are constantly exploring new routes. Now we have become the first hotel worldwide to give you“glass-wine-tasting” during the summer months. Lots of places offer wine tasting, but it is only at the Hotel Greil that you can experience glass-wine-tasting. By offering it, we want to show you what can be achieved using a mouth-blown, wine-specific glass from the Riedel sommelier series, and thereby opening up wider the world of wine for you. A 100% top wine only gives a maximum of about 50-60% of its potential taste experience when served in a normal glass. With a Riedel sommelier glass you can experience the taste of the wine 100%, and we can prove this to you!

Every week in summer we offer glass-wine-tasting for groups of 4 or more (from €30 per person)

Together with the best in the world

The best restaurants in the world to use for fine wine glasses from Riedel Sommeliers series. To mention just a few names: The star gastronome Wolfgang Puck from Spagos in Beverly Hills / California or Silvio Nickol at Palais Coburg in Vienna is convinced that these glasses bring the wine to the fullest advantage.

For highest demands require the highest quality - which we have committed ourselves to in the hotel Greil.

More information on the Riedel Sommeliers series and a list of selected references, see the ZAGAT 2013 Sips and Celebrations Guide (PDF Download).