Stimulates your taste buds
Stimulates your taste buds

Gourmet & Wine

Feasting and pleasure

The 4 star Hotel Greil is a hotel in the Kitzbühel Alps with an excellent wine culture, and we are looking for connoisseurs to share it.

As sophisticated table culture is important to us, the accompanying wine in our gourmet hotel must match perfectly. Wine is the passion of your host Sepp Greil who, together with the head waiter Heribert and the head chef Reinhard, creates the perfect environment for a gourmet holiday in the Hotel Greil. Our quality wines are served in suitably high quality glasses manufactured by the firm Riedel, as is fitting for a top class hotel.

Enjoy being really looked after on your gourmet holiday and look forward to unusual wines and fine taste compositions in our gourmet Hotel Tyrol.